Green Road Company

high quality pellets from Ukraine

Why pellet:

Wood pellets - its a cylindrical compressed wood waste (sawdust and shawings of coniferous or greenwood). Molded under pressure, without adding any additives and adhesives, what makes pellets ecologically clean biofuel. Natural component Lignin, at a certain temperature under the pressure, is using as a glue.

Calorific value of pellets is comparable with coal. By burning one tonne of pellets stands out as much energy as by burning 1,6 tonne of wood, 480 cubic liters of gas, 500 liters of diesel or 700 liters of fuel oil.

Superior thermal properties of pellets excel even coal, calorific value of which is equal to 5 kWh per 1 kg, also having unique ecological indicators.

According to research, pellet granules released as much CO2 as wood took during grows and which would be formed by the natural decomposition of wood (closed carbon exchange). Therefore pellets are part of the cycle CO2 in a balanced environment. Pellets also don't emit odor during combustion and the smoke, usually, is almoust colourless, due to the high efficiency of fuel equipment.

In the same time, due to the low sulfur content, reduces emissions of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, which in turn leads to a reduction in the amount of acid rains. But the combustion of fossil fuels releases CO2 several times higher, which leads to increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and hence to the antropogenic greenhouse effect. Moreover pellets are totally much more clean than coal and liquid fuels in matter of other harmful substances emission.

Using pellets You protect live wood from cutting and the environment from pollution by waste wood processing industries. Besides, pellets are renewable fuel unlike oil, coal and gas.

In addition to all of the above it's an aestetics! The appearance of the boiler, running on pellets, fit into any modern interior.

Why us:

 • Green Road Company is an alliance between two countries - Italy and Ukraine.

 • Our singularities - responsibility, consistency, reliability.

 • Our main target - to bring you warmth, building a decent reputation and long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

 • Help You to acquire any kind of Ukrainian pellet high quality and European standards.

 • Packing - 15 kg plastic bags or  BIG BAG.

 • It is possible to print your own logo on plastic bags. It is possible to pack into your own bags.

• Working conditions of FCADAP, FOB, CIF.

70 plastic bags of pellets 15kg placed on a pallet.  We use pallets European standard only.

Cost of transportation calculated separately.

By the way, Green Road Company stands for an ecologicaly clean Planet.

For each lot of pellets purchased from us, we plant a root in Your honor.